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        2017 Lionfulland Group won the title of "Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Grade Credit Enterprise" awarded by China Real Estate Association.

        2016Hebei Province Housing and Real Estate Association Vice President Unit
        Kaifeng Lionful Enjoy City won the Two-star Green Building Certification issued by China Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development

        2014China Real Estate Association Director Unit
        Hebei Province Real Estate Association Vice President Unit
        The Most Socially Responsible Company

        2013China Charity Award (Group Award)
        China Homebuyers General Assembly and the Sixth China's Real Estate Internet Popularity List

        2011The Most Responsible Company of the Year in the Real Estate Urban Development Excellence List
        Shijiazhuang Annual Brand Real Estate Company
        Shijiazhuang Annual Most Influential Real Estate Developer

        2010Shijiazhuang Most Influential Property

        2009The Most Valuable Real Estate Brand Company
        Best Growing Competence Company of the Year
        Shijiazhuang Real Estate Development Star Company of the Year

        2007City Building Energy Efficiency Advanced Unit
        Top Ten Companies Selected by Netizens
        Shijiazhuang Real Estate Integrity Union Member Unit
        Shijiazhuang Real Estate Industry Association Director Unit
        The Most Valuable Brand Company in Urban Development

        2006"China’s (Small and Medium-Sized Units) Best Livable Apartment Type" issued by the China Housing Society, the Urban Development Committee and China Practical Housing Research Center
        "MOHURD Grade 2A Residential Certificate" issued by Housing Industrialization Promotion Center of China Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.


        Since2005, the group has accelerated its step to enter in regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hainan, and Yunnan etc.

        More than20 cities

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