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        THE TOWN

        According to local conditions and guided by urban public services, Lionfulland has integrated education, finance, real estate, pan-entertainment and other resource advantages to build industrial bases, promote industrial upgrading and create characteristic towns.

        • The High-end Smart Manufacturing Town
        • The Creative Design Town
        • The Education Town
        • The Eco Agriculture Town
        • The Culture Tourism Health Town
        • In the intelligent factories, the Group will make the key manufacturing processes digitalized, networked and intellectual. Based on the internet, the Group concentrates on intelligent robots,
          intelligent hardware and 3D printing to establish a characteristic town that combines production, R&D incubator, display and sales, inspection and testing as well as tourism experience together.

        • Our goal is to promote integration of design services and the real economy. By putting emphasis on “science and technology + design + talent”, we concentrate on industrial design, fashion design, art design, digital content and other fields.

          Through distinctive industrial properties, relatively independent urban space, beautiful ecological environment, unique human culture and community ecology, we have built a creative design development platform.

        • Industrial development brings about demand for skilled talents. By attracting targeted high quality supporting resources, we hope to create a vocational education ecological circle of the new generation “craftsmen”.

          By combining vocational education development models of “opening schools” and “building platforms”, we have introduced a number of excellent educational resources and matching supply and demand seamlessly, making a leading vocational education base in the industry.

        • A rranging land use of urban city agriculture, leisure tourism agriculture and sightseeing agriculture, we build a comprehensive ecological agriculture town with functions of agricultural production, research and development, technology promotion, leisure, sightseeing and vacation all in one.

        • We regard “health” as the starting point and destination of this town. We focus on health industry to construct a characteristic town with beautiful ecological environment combining multiple functions such as health maintenance, elderly care, recreation and tourism etc.

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