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        The new national urbanization plan has set out the direction of a new Chinese-style urbanization. With the sincere hope to make cities better, Lionfulland has pursued a development model that uses content as the link, industries as the fulcrum and finance as its core.
        Through the "Double H Strategy" (healthy city and happy city), the group has implanted content about housing, business, education, elderly care, culture, tourism, community living, investment and pan-entertainment, to build a large commercial ecosystem and a brand new happy matrix of lifestyle, consumption and pleasure, Lionfulland is dedicated to become an enjoying consumption type third generation real estate supporting service provider, combining health and happiness together. Lionfulland is also determined to make sure that in its development areas, senior people are taken care of, children can go to schools and everyone can enjoy their lives.



        Shijiazhuang Lionful Youngstown is a representative in new youth series of the group's residential product line. The project is the first to integrate high-rise buildings with MINI HOUSE as well as hanging wooden platforms, which was awarded National 2A Degree Green Architecture.


        Xingtai Deutschland Eindruck is an example of Impression Series of Lionfulland residential housing product line. It is located in the south of Xingtai Bayi Street and west of Wenyuan Road. The project uses enclosed planning with more than 20 theme landscapes. Corresponded with human and interactive designs, the project contain resting, flowers watching, water playing, games and fitness areas, taking full account of the living group's preferences.


        19° NORTHTOWN

        The 19° NORTHTOWN is located in central Hainan Province, next to National Yinggeling Nature Reserve. Centering on the three themes of music, film and science and technology, through brand alliance strategy, Lionfulland has introduced original music festivals, independent film festivals and science and technology innovation conferences to attract millions of art followers and technology enthusiasts to follow the trend. It is determined to build a cultural and creative town with the strongest artistic atmosphere and launch products like healthy city and happy city to be implemented, so that senior people are taken care of, children can go to schools and everyone can enjoy their life. This area will become an emerging tourist resort destination integrating artistic experience, creative life, recreation and ecological sports.


        The Union University Town to drive the regional economic development

        The Union University Town is located in Luquan Economic Development Zone, Shijiazhuang. Completed in 2002, the park covers an area of more than 10,000 mu, with more than 0.5 million permanent residents. Through the concept and planning of “integration of production, teaching and research”, the Union University Town promotes industrial cluster to drive regional economic development, led by the education industry. After the completion of the Union University Town, with the help of the resources platform, universities such as Film and Television Arts College of Hebei University, Sifang College of Shijiazhuang Tiedao Univercity, Huaxin College of Hebei GEO University, Hebei university of Chinese Medicine have settled in this area. Led by NO.13 and NO.54 Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, CETC,  high-end industries such as semiconductor, communications, aviation remote sensing and modern agriculture quickly gather as well. As of 2015, surrounding the United College Town, the region boasts 4 higher education institutions, 7 primary and secondary schools, over 60 scientific research institutions, more than 150 companies, and more than 10,000 science and technology professionals. The region realized a main business income of 60.42 billion yuan, and the tax revenue of 1.07 billion yuan.

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